Rhode Island Chapter

  • Funds from the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 have enabled our Chapter to significantly increase our assistance and services to ALS families. These generous donations allowed us to expand and enhance our level of support in several important areas, including our Chapter-sponsored clinic and our Chapter-funded respite care, home access, handicapped transportation and equipment loan programs.

    The Ice Bucket Challenge funds have allowed the Chapter to increase the number of ALS multidisciplinary care clinics in our area, purchase several new pieces of medical equipment such as Hoyer lifts, recliner lift chairs, and transport wheelchairs; increase the annual allowance for our patient assistance and respite program by 25% per family; and increase our reimbursement grant for home accessibility costs by 50%.

    Finally, the most significant and lasting effect of the Ice Bucket Challenge is that the Chapter has been able to maintain these increased levels of care services throughout the past five years. The Ice Bucket Challenge has both inspired and enabled the Rhode Island Chapter to meet its commitment to providing practical and necessary services and support to ALS patients in our community.

    Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Ice Bucket Challenge, and who continue to support our mission. We could not do this without you!

Challenge Me to Empower People Living with ALS

Funds from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have given us the opportunity to expand our programs and services to provide additional care and support for people with ALS and their families.

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