Rocky Mountain Chapter

  • The Ice Bucket Challenge brought increased awareness as well as funding to the Rocky Mountain Chapter, resulting in the registration of new patients, additional event participation and a new donor population. The related Ice Bucket Challenge funding afforded us the opportunity to expand the chapter’s full complement of services already offered in Colorado and Wyoming into the state of Utah; providing resources to hundreds of underserved people in that state.

    Ice Bucket Challenge funding also made it possible for the chapter to develop the Kids of ALS Educational Program, which consists of age-specific gift bags including items designed to comfort and help with the concerns, questions and emotions children affected by ALS may have regarding the ALS diagnosis of a loved one.

    In general, Ice Bucket Challenge funding helped the chapter continue to provide and expand services, resources and equipment to hundreds of additional people with ALS throughout Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

    Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Ice Bucket Challenge, and who continue to support our mission. We could not do this without you!

Challenge Me to Empower People Living with ALS

Funds from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have given us the opportunity to expand our programs and services to provide additional care and support for people with ALS and their families.

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